Winter 2019

Dear Friends, Pinch me. (Gently, please.) Could it be that I’m more enthusiastic about my career than ever? Yep! Sixty two years into this adventure of consciousness and forty seven years after I started as a housekeeper’s assistant at a hotel in Missoula, Montana, I’m skipping to work with more spring in my step than ever. It is energizing to… Continue Reading Winter 2019

Winter 2018

 Dear Neighbors, I hope you enjoy these letters as much as we enjoy writing them. There is something cathartic about distilling what is happening and then sharing it with friends. Sweet feelings … How about a hug? The O.Henry and GVG were hatched 20 years ago! We are celebrating by giving both some TLC, as in about $5 million worth!… Continue Reading Winter 2018

Summer 2018

Dear Neighbors, There’s right much cooking around here! Beyond what’s in the pan and on the grill, we’re trucking along with the planning and prototyping processes for improvements that will be introduced at the O.Henry and Green Valley Grill when these wonderful twins turn 20 later this year. We’ll give you an earful on that with our next letter, plus… Continue Reading Summer 2018

Winter 2017

 Dear Neighbors, There’s a lot of fun stuff happening around QW! For instance, now that we are wrapping up the pH Balance improvements at Proximity, we are gearing up our new OdotHenry “After 20 Years” improvement effort. Please read on for more about that, plus some pretty neat holiday happenings that might give you reason to dance, sing along, smile, soak… Continue Reading Winter 2017

Summer 2017

Dear Neighbors, Big news: QW is now employee owned! I realize that many of you know this, but I’ll bet few know the background or details that I get into in the Rambling, “Be Careful What You Dream,” that is linked to this letter. This is really cool stuff! We are amazingly psyched! Please read on to get up to… Continue Reading Summer 2017

Holiday 2016

Dear Neighbors, This—our 35th Neighborhood Letter—is a short one. I’ve got one of those long “Ramblings” in the oven, but it isn’t fully baked. (BTW: We have evidence that some of you actually read those Ramblings and don’t just use them as a cure for insomnia.) We are sending this shorter letter because we thought you might want to know… Continue Reading Holiday 2016

Summer 2016

Dear Neighbors, When we started sending our Neighborhood Letters nearly 20 years ago, we promised that we’d only send them when we had news we thought you might like to hear. We might be sorta-kinda breaking that promise with this mailing, because while we don’t have a lot of news or a Rambling, we do want to let you know… Continue Reading Summer 2016

Holiday 2015

Dear Neighbors, Proximity named ‘America’s Greenest Hotel’ June 2015 Proximity named ‘America’s Greenest Hotel’ June 2015 Wow…our thirty-third letter…time flies! As usual, we share our latest news, plus you’ll read about some special happenings and offerings that might make your holidays even more joyful (and easier!). On a separate page, I (Dennis) ramble on about a memorable trip that Nancy and… Continue Reading Holiday 2015

Summer 2015

Dear Neighbors, Welcome to our 32nd letter. (We do love that number—it’s meaningful, at least to us—and it’s LUCKY!) We think you’ll be glad to read about some news and special happenings, and you might like seeing Part II of my Rambling about the 25-year history (now nearly 26!) of this little enterprise. For many reasons, Nancy and I are more grateful… Continue Reading Summer 2015

Summer 2014

Twenty-five years ago, 25 years seemed like a long time. Now … not so much. Isn’t it interesting how our perception of time changes with time? The quarter-century in the rearview mirror is on our minds because June 5th will mark 25 years since we opened Lucky 32. I ramble on (and on) about that in an insert to this letter. We’re… Continue Reading Summer 2014