Fall 2013

Dear Neighbors, Happy 15th O.Henry Hotel! Happy 15th O.Henry Hotel! For 15 years, we’ve been penning these letters—30 so far. The biggest news around here is that we are celebrating the 15th anniversary of the opening of the O.Henry Hotel and Green Valley Grill! In an insert to this letter, I ramble on about what we see in the rear view… Continue Reading Fall 2013

Summer 2013

Dear Neighbors, Chef Leigh Hesling at the market. Chef Leigh Hesling at the market. (Also see Dennis’ Rambling: “Enjoying Great Restaurants & Hotels in Wonderful Cities”) Cheers! Dennis Quaintance & Nancy King Quaintance (Also see our Fall 2013 Newsletter) Tough work… but somebody’s got to do it! Our frame of reference trips are on my mind because in January, Leigh… Continue Reading Summer 2013

Fall 2012

Dear Neighbors, This, our 28th neighborhood letter, is full of news and happenings for the holiday season, plus a rambling about our fun design process and some new or improved amenities. As always, we are honored that you choose to be our guests at our restaurants and/or hotels and that you choose to receive these letters. If you don’t want to continue… Continue Reading Fall 2012

Holiday 2011

Dear Neighbors, This, our 27th neighborhood letter, is full of news and happenings for the holiday season. Normally, I (Dennis) write a rambling piece about something that I think is interesting (and hope you do). All along I’ve promised that if I didn’t have anything that was burning to be told, I wouldn’t ask for your attention. With this letter… Continue Reading Holiday 2011

Fall 2010

Dear Neighbors, This is our 26th neighborhood letter and the first one where my ramblings were so long that we put them on a separate inserted piece of paper. In this section of the letter you’ll get to learn about a ton of new stuff, some special holiday offerings and get a recipe for a delicious pound cake. On the other… Continue Reading Fall 2010

Fall 2009

Dear Neighbors, This economic thing (which we are calling the “Great Recalibration”) is something that grabbed ahold of all of us late last year, and it wouldn’t have been something we’d have ordered, but we are finding some pretty significant silver linings to this cloud. It has caused us to double down on many of our commitments to be of… Continue Reading Fall 2009

Fall 2008

Dear Neighbors, Good news seems rather scarce of late, but we’ve got some that’s really great! Proximity Hotel and Print Works Bistro are the first in the hospitality business to earn the U.S. Green Building Council’s highest rating, Platinum! It is also great news that our focus on local food and extraordinary flavor has resulted in the best tasting food… Continue Reading Fall 2008

Summer 2008

Dear Neighbors, There’s some pretty neat stuff going on with this little outfit! We’re probably most excited that all four restaurants are really hitting their culinary stride. Honestly, with the Green Valley Grill, Lucky 32 and Print Works Bistro within walking distance of each other, we have a tough time deciding where to dine. We love the grape leaf wrapped… Continue Reading Summer 2008

Fall 2007

Dear Neighbors, There’s right much news from this end of the street. Here are some highlights: Read on and you’ll learn of a dozen ways that we might be able to make your holidays even more joyful. You’ll also get further updates about our new arrivals, and you’ll hear about this brave new hotel and restaurant playing host to an… Continue Reading Fall 2007

Summer 2007

Dear Neighbors, We are in a race to finish the Proximity Hotel and Print Works Bistro, which will open late summer/early fall. Like a lot of races around here, sometimes we feel like we’re going in circles! Read on, and you’ll get some news about that, some bragging about a few of the amazing people with whom we get to… Continue Reading Summer 2007