Spring 1999

The O.Henry Hotel and Green Valley Grill –Designed to Be Different.–Dennis Quaintance The O. Henry Hotel and Green Valley Grill have been designed to be different. Not different for the sake of being different, but different for the sake of comfort, style, cleanliness, accessibility, durability, and service. Let me elaborate...   Back to TopHow the O.Henry Hotel Is DifferentThe Design ... Read More

Summer 1998

A Personal Perspective on the O. Henry Hotel and the Green Valley Grill ~Dennis Quaintance So many people have asked about our new hotel and restaurant in Greensboro, that I decided to answer the questions en masse, via this neighborhood letter. So here goes… I guess this venture really got started when Nancy King (my wife) and I were fifteen ... Read More

Winter 1997

Our Reservations and Call Ahead Seating Services ~Dennis Quaintance Our efforts to make it easy to dine with us at Lucky 32 have resulted in an unconventional and, to my knowledge, unprecedented Reservation and Call Ahead Seating service. I’ll explain: Reservations: We reserve a limited number of tables (approximately half) so that everyone can be accommodated in a reasonable amount ... Read More