Winter 1997

Our Reservations and Call Ahead Seating Services
~Dennis Quaintance

Our efforts to make it easy to dine with us at Lucky 32 have resulted in an unconventional and, to my knowledge, unprecedented Reservation and Call Ahead Seating service. I’ll explain:

Reservations: We reserve a limited number of tables (approximately half) so that everyone can be accommodated in a reasonable amount of time.

Call Ahead Seating: When you don’t have a reservation and are concerned about waiting, we offer this service. Just Call Ahead and we’ll add your name to our list, if we have one, so that any waiting will be kept to a minimum.

Please don’t let these services discourage you from just dropping in to dine with us. Often, there is not a waiting list. If there is, we promise to do our best to seat you quickly.

In the evening, we serve a limited menu in our Grill Room and Bar on a first-come, first-serve basis. At lunch, our host staff seats the entire restaurant with the exception of the stools at the bar.

We plan to offer the same services at our new Green Valley Grill

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