Proximity Is Near! | Summer 2007 Rambling

We named the restaurant Print Works Bistro because it honors our city’s history and it hangs with the hotel’s name. The Proximity Print Works Mill opened in 1912 to print cotton fabrics after its mother, Proximity Cotton Mill, opened in 1896. And “Bistro” seems the optimal handle for a lively restaurant with honest, flavorful food. My bet is that you will love Print Works Bistro not only because of the wonderful food, but also because it will be an amazing room. There will be windows overlooking gardens on three walls and the fourth wall will be a window to the kitchen. It is a long, narrow space leaving all of the tables within 16 feet of a window. And most of the windows open! On a pleasant day you’ll be able to dine outside–inside. And, there’ll be a boatload of outside–outside dining overlooking a 2.5 acre natural area and stream.

The 100 solar panels atop the Proximity Hotel are bold evidence that we will have a lot of features to cause it to consume less energy, but never at the expense of our guests’ comfort. No one will be able to tell that our hot water is heated by the sun. And they won’t notice that the food in the bistro is refrigerated with the assistance of geothermal technology. There’s a lot more news along these lines, but we’ll save that for a future letter. For now, we’ll just speculate that the Proximity will meet the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold level.

If we indeed make that goal, the Proximity will be rated higher than any other hotel in America, unless someone beats us to the finish line. This all seems natural, since we’re on Green Valley Road in Greensboro!

Even if the Proximity didn’t have the distinction of these LEED elements, it would still be extraordinary. Your jaw will hit the floor when you see the guestrooms, and you will fall fast asleep soon after your head hits one of our pillows, because we’ve considered our guests’ delight and comfort with every detail. For over a year we’ve had a full-sized prototype room where we spend lots of time working out every detail to ensure that everything is just right for our guests. For more details or to make a reservation, please visit or call 336-379-8200.

Maybe you can help us out. We are looking for friendly, energetic folk, both part-time and full-time. Please pass the word! Visit for an online application Or email your resume to Patrick Lang at [email protected].