Times They are A-Changin’ or…21st Century Here We Come! | Summer 2005 Rambling

(a rambling by Dennis Quaintance, with some useful information)
It’s sort of a hoot how sometimes our electronic devices can sort of “own us” – it can be a love/hate relationship. Here’s an illustration from my childhood… I can imagine it like I’m right there… While growing up (or at least getting older) in Montana, my stepfather drove truck. One night I was riding with him. He had a load of studs for the planer mill in Darby from the Conner mill. He stopped to bump the tires and his flashlight wouldn’t work. He did the normal thing and started shaking it around and cussing like the sailor he had once been. Finally, he just threw the flashlight out in the woods and…, as fate would have it, it came on and shined right back at him through the trees. He was none too tickled with this development and I knew not to say a word. It was a quiet ride on into Darby. He had been snake-bitten by the low technology of that era. Imagine how he might treat a cell phone! My point, you ask? Times are a-changin’ if, in half a generation, we can move from rejecting flashlights to embracing the internet!

Here are some of the ways that we are embracing the internet to be of better service to you (most of these will be up and running when you get this letter and some soon thereafter):

At ohenryhotel.com we’re offering online reservations so you’ll not only be able to reserve O.Henry Hotel rooms directly from our website, but you’ll be assured of always getting the very best rate. So, if you want to take a little break and stay with us for the weekend, just visit our website and get the best rates available, plus find out what’s happening around town from our list of “Top 10 Reasons to Visit Greensboro.” We’ll keep this list updated so you’ll always be in the loop. And, don’t forget our incentive to use ohenryhotel.com to make reservations: book a room online for this July and get a $50.00 amenity Gift Voucher for use on just about any amenity, in addition to getting the best possible price (go to ohenryhotel.com for the fine print).

At greenvalleygrill.com we’re partnering with OpenTable (it’s the leading online restaurant reservation company) to make online reservations available. We think you’ll find this feature extra useful because you can make dinner, lunch or brunch reservations 24 hours a day, whenever it’s convenient for you.

Visit lucky32.com the next time you want to place a Get Lucky & Go order – it will be a breeze. Just like always, we’ll cook, then bring your order to your car, rain or shine – the only difference is, you won’t even have to call! So, if you’re heading in from out of town and you just know you won’t want to cook when you get home, you can place your online order anytime and we’ll have it ready and waiting for you.

Now, we may not have everything quite up to speed by the time you get this letter, but it won’t be long. Make sure you stay in the loop by signing up for our luck-E-news at lucky32.com, or sign our Online Guestbooks at greenvalleygrill.com and ohenryhotel.com. We promise we’ll only send you news or an offer we’re pretty sure you’ll be interested in, and sometimes even some gift vouchers. But we’ll never, ever give your name or address to anyone else.

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