Our Wine Lists
–Jim Slowin
We often hear from our wine enthusiast guests that our lists are really super. We appreciate the praise and work hard to keep our lists up-to-date and value oriented. Let us brag a bit about what makes them so great.

Variety: Over 50 wines with more than 25 by the glass and three half bottles are on the Lucky 32 list. Green Valley Grill features over 75 wines with more than 25 by the glass.

Value: We look for great wines and good value and pass the value on to you. For instance, currently the 1988 Chateau Simard is $39 on our list, but $49 and $59 per bottle on other area wine lists. We also keep value in mind when pouring our wines by the glass — no skimpy pouring here.

User Friendly: The wine lists are divided into varietal categories (this seems to be the way most people prefer it). If you want a Chardonnay, you only have to look in one place. So, French wines from Chardonnay are listed next to American Chardonnay even though they might not be labeled that way. We give the vintage and appellation to help you recognize the style of each wine. We also offer some difficult to find wines such as Caymus Cabernet, Silver Oak Cabernet, and Opus One. Plus, each wine is given a bin number to make it easier to order.

Fax Menu Service
–Jim Slowin
Every four or sometimes five weeks we change a good portion of our menus at Lucky 32 and Green Valley Grill to offer variety and fit the season. Many guests have asked us to fax these new menus so we have set up a fax menu service. Just call us or mention it when you visit and we’ll add you to our list. On the first day of each new menu we will automatically fax a copy of the new menu directly to you. This service begs the question – when will we have a Website? The answer is that it’s in the works – we’ll keep you posted.

About Our Lucky Stars
–Jim Slowin
On our team we reward those who consistently focus with us. We call them Lucky Stars. The longer a team member is a Star, the more stars they accumulate, which they wear on their collar or hat. More stars means more rewards and more recognition. To give you an idea of what an honor it is to be a Star to get to the Galaxy 32 *****, one must have consistently played their role like a star for more than 21/2 years! The other levels of the Lucky Star program are Lucky’s Comet ****, Starburst ***, Rising Star **, and Lucky Star H. Some of our stars have been promoted into leadership.


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