About Us

Now Employee-Owned! After 28 years of operating one of the top-rated hotel and restaurant companies in the South, the founders of Quaintance-Weaver Restaurants and Hotels (QW) announced on November 17, 2016 that it is now 100% owned by its 600+ staff members. This makes QW one of only a few employee-owned restaurant and hotel companies in the entire country. Learn more.

QW is now employee owned

We are different!

Our grounding on the idea of being of genuine service to others makes us different from most other companies.

QW is built on the idea that it is a worthwhile objective to be of genuine service to the communities we touch. We believe that if we really get the “rubber to the road” with this worthwhile objective of genuine service, then financial sustainability and an organization-wide sense of accomplishment will be the natural by-products. We are also unusual because QW is owned by its staff members! (Learn more.)

Any well-functioning organization is really just a group of people who choose to join together to pursue a common objective that is clearly communicated. Our common objective is articulated in our mission. This mission is not just our common objective; it is our reason for existing as an organization. It is also our purpose and intention, and it holds the promises that we make to the groups we are honored to serve. In a word, it is our “boss.” By choosing to be a member of this team, we all acknowledge its authority. It is our grounding point. Period.

A Brief History

Dennis Quaintance and Nancy King Quaintance at O.Henry Hotel

Dennis Quaintance and Nancy King Quaintance at O.Henry Hotel

Mike Weaver, Nancy King Quaintance and I formed this company in April of 1988, and we opened our first restaurant in Greensboro on June 5, 1989. We started QW because we are good friends and wanted to be in business together and because we believe that providing the services embodied in our mission will result in a successful company. Mike Weaver is an extraordinary person, a great friend and a mentor. He claims to be retired, but I still see him doing positive things in so many parts of our community.

I started as a housekeeper’s assistant when I was 15 at a hotel in Missoula, Montana. From there I worked my way up. I was assistant general manager for “rooms,” then food & beverage director of a hotel in Richland, Washington. Next, I went to work with several four- and five-star hotels and restaurants in Florida, Arizona and other places to broaden my experience. I played the role of general manager of a great restaurant for three years and regional manager for a full-service chain for three years. I chose my career focus early and am fortunate to have worked in most every job function in both hotels and restaurants.

(For more, see Dennis Quaintance Biography)

Nancy King Quaintance also started her career at 15, but as a dishwasher with Disney in Florida. She went on to Johnson & Wales in Rhode Island, then to Cornell University, where she studied hospitality and culinary arts. While at Cornell, she served as a culinary teaching assistant. From there, she went to work in sales and front office operations for several hotel companies. For a number of years, she was the regional director of sales and was responsible for feasibility studies for new hotel development for John Q. Hammons Hotels. In 1994 she joined this team full-time. At first, she helped with the culinary team doing everything from recipe development, to expediting, to doing weekly “in studio” cooking segments for a local TV station. Now, she plays roles on our marketing, sales, operations and culinary teams, as well as serves as a coach for some of our key leaders. Email Nancy

In 2016, we transferred the ownership of the QW operating companies to a trust that has the sole purpose of providing retirement benefits for QW staff members. The trust is called an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan). Having QW owned by this trust aligns the interests of all of us—staff members and owners—in that they are one and the same! Let’s work together to take great care of our guests and colleagues so that the by-product of our sincere and competent efforts will be profits that fund this ESOP benefit program.

Our Mission

To be of genuine service to our Guests, Fellow Staff Members, Owners (who are solely QW staff members), and the Earth & Her People.

  1. Provide our guests with the highest quality food, drink and accommodations at a good value.
  2. Ensure that each guest receives prompt, friendly, attentive service by a well-trained service staff in a
    clean, comfortable, well-maintained environment that is warm and hospitable (pleasant acoustics, lighting, temperature and aroma).
  3. Offer an outstanding menu plus an impressive selection of specials in our restaurant’s and an outstanding array of gracious amenities in distinctive hotels.
  4. Provide employment that is rewarding and offers education and opportunity in a fair, diverse and inclusive environment.
  5. Generate profits that: a) afford compensation and benefits for those who contribute, and b) allow the company to grow.
    (QW is owned by the QW ESOP Trust, which exists solely to provide retirement benefits to QW staff members. We are 100% Employee Owned!)
  6. Consider sustainable practices in our social and physical worlds, with all of our decisions. (See our Sustainable Practices Initiative & Fairness Doctrine.)

Our Fairness Doctrine

Because some groups have not, and are not, always treated fairly, we will proactively reach out to such communities by:

  • Being extraordinarily committed to our “Fairness” and “Diversity & Inclusion” programs with the objective of being a role model for other organizations.
  • Focusing much of our underwriting and sponsorship efforts to the African American, Latino, and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer and/or Questioning (LGBTQ) communities, plus other such groups.
  • Working with refugee communities when we have employment opportunities.
  • Looking for opportunities to employ people with different abilities.
  • Encouraging a merit-based culture that seeks opportunities for women, minorities, the LGBTQ community and other such groups.